Leather Kilts

What can be the better way to catch everyone's eye in the room other than a leather kilt? You guessed right. Leather is the king of fabric and wearing it into a kilt will definitely steal some hearts, and leave the rest jealous. 


Leather kilts are a result of fashion evolution spanning almost 4 millennia, taking elements from Greek and Norse and most prominently, Scottish Gaelic cultures. You must be wondering where these epic vibes are coming from. Wonder no more. Yes, even Russel Crowe wore a leather gladiator kilt in one of the best epic films of all time, The Gladiator.


Our leather kilts are made in the image of Scottish traditional kilts, and sometimes we borrow one of the greatest fashion kilt ideas to innovate our styling aesthetics, without making a compromise on the tradition.


At Kiltist, you get leather kilts that are durable and comfortable made with real cowhide leather, rust free hardware, finest stitching. All that with an economical price.

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