Tartan Kilts

Tartan kilts with both their origin and contemporary belong to Scotland. If you were looking for some fine and durable kilts, you landed on just the right page. We make our tartan kilts compete with the best quality at a price you can afford without bulking up your monthly expenditure. 

If we talk about kilts, they go way back to ancient times and we can find their variants even in Greek references. Remember Maximus (Russel Crowe) from The Gladiator? Yes, he was wearing a kilt. However, Tartan kilts came into the scene when Highland soldiers made them their official uniforms around the 16th century. The earliest extant example found intact traces back to 1792, which is in the possessions of the Scottish official authorities.

By design, tartan is a plaid fabric with stripes or checked patterns. The stripes and check can vary by the size, distance, and color schemes. While originating with woven wool, now the tartan design is available in various other materials as well. However, our kilts are made with original tartan, just like the first original tartan kilt that was ever made.

Our tartan kilts for men are made with original woven wool tartan fabric. They come with rust-free hardware and all that at an unmatched economical cost.

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